Violinist, Pianist and Composer

Moniek has been playing music since she was a child.

Since she started playing the violin, she always loved to play for people and make them happy with her music. She traveled the last 7 years to more than 20 countries, exploring traditional music and sharing her music by performing and playing with local musicians.
She loves to share her biggest passion with the world, and inspire people to follow their dreams!

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Tour in December 2018!

Moniek is performing at nice events in December 2018/January 2019! Both with her band Balcony Players and with her duo AvivA. You are very welcome to come and attend the shows! Check the tour dates below.

Upcoming album “Sea Roots”!

Besides performing, Moniek is currently working on her first solo album (after having released two albums already with her band Balcony Players)!
This album will be filled with her original compositions, inspired on her travels and tours trough India, Israel, the Balkans, Mexico and North America (New Orleans).
A booklet with inspiring stories and pictures will be included as part of the album.
The album will be named “Sea Roots”Moniek will record the album in December 2018, and will tour and record in January/February 2019 in New Orleans! From March 2019 on Moniek will perform with her band Balcony Players and other projects in The Netherlands.
Come and attend to her first two CD release parties, June 16th in Zeeland and June 23rd in Amsterdam!

How the adventure started…

After finishing the conservatory in Rotterdam and finishing her masters in music in Utrecht in 2012 (focussed on jazz and klezmer music) she started immediately touring with her band Balcony Players! Since then and for more than 6 years they toured trough more than 20 countries, performing and sharing music with the local musicians. Moniek felt so lucky to share her music with so many people around the world!

Would you like to have more information about the Balcony Players? Then go to!

Besides traveling and touring with the Balcony Players, Moniek made many solo travels where she focussed on learning roots music and interacting with local musicians!

She also toured in Israel and Switzerland with Adaya and through the Middle East and the Balkans with Emergency Circus. They played for many children in refugee camps and hospitals.

Crowdfunding campaign in January!

If you want to help her release her songs, to spread their happy vibes to the world; you can help Moniek by pre- buying the CD, booking a concert, and/or many other things!
Go to for more information!

Moniek’s Live Agenda

Date Event/Time
Balcony Players Trio
Zeeland, Zeeland Zeeland
All Day
Sunday Afternoon Roots Series
Noorderlicht Café, Amsterdam Noord-Holland
5:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Balcony Girls
Café Halfwatt, Rotterdam Zuid-Holland
All Day
Workshop Tapdans/Violin
Kunstbende, Middelburg Zeeland
All Day
Balcony Players
Ooh La La Festival, Enschede Twente
All Day

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