Moniek de Leeuw CD Cover

Sea Roots


Sweet people, Welcome to my Sea Roots album with tunes I composed on my musical journey bet- ween 2013 and 2018. I have had so many adventures with beautiful friends and inspiring musicians! I’m very thankful for everyone I’ve met! I am playing violin and piano since I’m a child and I always loved to cheer people up with my music! My roots are from Zeeland (Sea Land, a region in the south of the Netherlands). The sea has always been inspiring to me, and while traveling I found being near the coast a perfect rest point in my nomadic life. Over the last decade I have visited many countries like India, Israel, the Balkans and the USA to discover their roots music and to share my own music. Influenced by their musical traditions, melodies started to come up in my head and slowly became the tunes you are about to listen to. My first musical travels started in 2010 with my amazing friends ‘The Balcony players’. I toured with them for more than 5 years, to make people happy and dance around the world. This is still my mission in life! I hope you enjoy my musical roots and adventures! Love,